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Samrt keypad rfid TT door lock with APP

Samrt keypad rfid TT door lock with APP

  • Open type: APP, card, password, key
  • Touch screen for entering the code: support
  • Capacity of the main card: 2
  • Guest card capacity: 200
  • Operating voltage: direct current 6 V (4 pieces of alkaline battery)
  • Sensor distance:> 25mm
  • Working temperature: from -20 to 50 degrees centigrade
  • Operating humidity: ≤ 80%
  • door thickness: within 38 ~ 60mm
  • Application: office, apartment, school, home

Samrt keypad rfid TT door lock with APP

App TT Lock is an intelligent block management software. The APP connects the block via BLE bluetooth communication, the user can perform blocking, unlocking, updating the firmware, reading the operation logs in the APP.

Four independent unlocking methods: unlocking methods: Bluetooth, combination, card and mechanical key
Password entry by tapping Key Pression
Microwave induction
The ways of opening the lock can be set as required. Use IC cards or passwords separately to open / Only IC cards and passwords used together could open the blocks.
The cards are set by the locking system and the software is not necessary. 2 management cards and 200 cards maximum.
Passwords can be changed as desired. 1 management password and 50 password for opening the door at the most.
Messy codes could be used when entering passwords. 12 digits maximum.
It works with alkaline battery, low consumption and long life.
Indication of power failure, usable external source.

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