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Going Keyless with Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock

2023-09-15 15:54:03

Going Keyless with Smart Electronic Cabinet Lock

One of the common requests for digital keyless locks in professional environments are specifically for electronic cabinet locks.

As one of the Professional Electronic Smart Locks suppliers in China, we Udohow has provided Electronic Cabinet Locks for the hospitality, Stadium, membership SPA, GYM, Swimming Pool Private or Public system management for over 20 years.

What is a keyless electronic cabinet lock?

A keyless electronic cabinet lock also referred to as a digital keyless cabinet lock, is just what the name implies: it is a lock that does not require a key to access.

Udohow there are several keyless access options.

RFID Cabinet Lock is accessible via an RFID or radio-frequency identification, is indispensable security for hotels, guesthouses, leisure centers, golf centers, homes, or businesses.

Digital Keypad Cabinet Lock using keycards. Use the master password to delete and reset the user password.

Fingerprint cabinet lock more safety, convenience, and fashion characteristics of fingerprint electronic cabinet locks have attracted consumers’ attention from all walks of life.

Bluetooth cabinet lock is an intelligent electronic cabinet lock that unlock through App, The App and the lock communicate via Bluetooth BLE to unlock, lock, hardware upgrade, read operation record, etc. on the App.

How are electronic cabinet locks managed?

Udohow keyless cabinet locks come with a choice of management options:

Hotel mode(with software version ) fit for the hospitality system which hotel guest can use the room card to unlock a locker in SPA, GYM or Swimming Pool.

Public mode is suitable for the individual SPA, GYM, Swimming Pool or Stadium management for user can use any card to lock and unlock the vacant locker they want.

The Private mode is perfect for the membership management because member can be assigned a dedicated lock by the club to show up the honor.

Who needs electronic cabinet locks?

An electronic cabinet lock provides a simple but effective way to protect employee or patron personal belongings as well as an effective way to control access to sensitive materials without the headache of key management. An electronic cabinet lock can and should work on a cabinet door or drawer.