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The current situation of hotel locks

The current situation of hotel locks

After 2000, basically all hotels, including homestays, have used smart door locks. The superiority of smart door locks for easy management has been recognized and has become standard equipment in hotels. Most five-star hotels that use foreign hotel management companies also use imported brands.

Other brands are mainly domestic brands. Domestic brand smart locks occupy most of the market. The mainstream brands have a complete system. Other brands are mostly small factories.
In the early 1990s, after absorbing the technology of imported brands, domestic brands made positive improvements to the aesthetics and usage habits of Asians. The appearance, handle, lock body, etc. have been significantly improved. There are also many formal enterprises. Most of the core indicators surpass imported brands, but because imported brands have basically insisted on one or two styles and a single version of the software, they should have a slight advantage over electronic system stability.

1. In terms of styles: domestic brands have obvious efficiency in advancing with the times, designing many styles that hotel designers prefer, and also allowing a variety of hotel decoration styles to be matched.

2. In terms of handle stability: Most hotels have been used for a few years, the phenomenon of loose handle basically exists, some directly droop more, the operation feel is very poor, obviously affect the image of the hotel, imported brands also basically have this phenomenon, these years Some brands especially refer to the handle structure of the hotel lock in the design of the handle structure of the fingerprint smart lock, so that the hotel lock handle will not be loose, empty, or sagging in a long time.

3. The stability of the circuit: In the hotel environment, the indoor air-conditioning temperature is low and there is a temperature difference between the outdoor and the door. Water droplets are generated on the door. Especially in the southern weather, the water droplets on the door are more obvious. Most brands have not done enough to prevent moisture. , No problem was found during installation in the sample room. After a period of normal use, the circuit's problems caused by moisture, vibration, etc. appeared.

4. The anti-interference aspect of the circuit: there is interference from the motor drive in the hotel lock, the hotel room has WIFI, there are equipment near the electrical room, elevator room, waiter's walkie-talkie, etc., encountering the above interference sources, the door lock circuit will cause information confusion And so on, it is necessary to have a special anti-jamming chip or a circuit designed with anti-jamming.

5. Surface technology of door locks: Before 2010, most hotel locks were made of stainless steel or electroplating. The wear resistance of the electroplating process is difficult to control. It is difficult to use for more than ten or twenty years, and some installation time is not There are also bleaching long. After 2010, many PVD vacuum surface treatments or multi-layer spraying treatments are used, and the stability of the surface life is guaranteed.

6. Stability of the lock body: the stability circuit and the lock body of the whole set of smart locks are the key. The hotel smart locks generally have the clutch in the lock body, and the lock body is installed on the wooden door or the door with padded composite materials. It is inevitable that corrosive gases such as thinner water and the lubricating grease in the lock body will affect the clutch. Therefore, the design precision of the motor and clutch of the lock body is very important to the stability of the clutch, as well as the movement structure of the lock body. Parts, moving parts designed to reduce friction, reasonable service life of spring expansion, anti-corrosion treatment of the lock shell, and control of the joint parts all play a key role in the quality of the lock body.

Recommendations for purchasing hotel smart locks:

1. Choose the matching style according to the design style of the hotel, the primary color of stainless steel or mature surface technology is best;
2. Choose regular manufacturers, manufacturers with complete R&D, production, and quality control systems, and guarantee the quality and service;
3. Before choosing the door lock, it is best to understand the material and thickness of the door, as well as the force of the lock position after opening the hole;
4. The door lock is used for repeated continuous and fast touch card experience, stable operation, understand the moisture-proof technology of the door lock circuit, circuit protection measures, on-site anti-interference ability test in elevators or walkie-talkies, etc., listen to whether the sound of the motor drive is smooth;
5. Shake the handle vigorously and frequently to watch the looseness and sagging of the handle;
6. Open the motor brand of the unlocking body, the clutch design, and the precision of the lock body design;
7. Repeatedly press the handle vigorously, the lock tongue keeps shrinking, listen to the smooth feeling of the turning sound, or press the lock tongue with your hand to test the smooth feeling;
8. Understand the battery box, anti-corrosion treatment to prevent battery leakage;
9. Test the software's anti-error correction, sudden shutdown and other operating system backup and recovery.