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Smart Biometric Deadbolt Handle LockSmart Biometric Deadbolt Handle LockSmart Biometric Deadbolt Handle LockSmart Biometric Deadbolt Handle Lock

Smart Biometric Deadbolt Handle Lock

  • Model: DH-K130
  • Available color: black / silver
  • Zinc Material: League
  • Unlock the way: fingerprint + key + bluetooth (option)
  • Keys: 2:
  • Fingerprint capacity: 30
  • Power supply: 4 AAA batteries
  • Door thickness: 35mm-120mm
  • Emergency power type: USB type
  • Application: Home / Apartment / Hotel / Office
  • Door type: Wood / stainless steel / brass

Model DH-K130 is touch semiconductor Fingerprint recognition Lock, its with Zinc alloy handle,Fingerprint module,zinc alloy material; 365days of strong anti-aircraft, and invisible keyhole.

Biometric Door Lock also called a biometric fingerprint door lock, is a smart door lock that is unlocked by fingerprint recognition. Fingerprint authentication is convenient, fast, and accurate.
With the popularization of technology and smart home development, more and more people are beginning to choose fingerprint door biometric locks for homes, hotels, schools, and residential.

Product parameter

Product Name

Smart Deadbolt Lock





Available Color



Zinc Alloy





Door Type

Wood/Stainless Steel/Brass

Door Thickness


Unlock Way

Fingerprint+Key+Bluetooth (option))



Fingerprint Capacity




Power Supply

4 AAA Batteries

Emergency power type:


External emergency power supply:

Power bank 5VDC

Low power alarm:


1. Unlocking method: fingerprint, mechanical key, smartphone app (optional)
2. You can use the remote control (optional).
3. Multiple unlocking mode strengths security degrees.
4. Add or delete users are managed by numbers.
5. The unlocking combination make the cabinet much safer.
6. It has the anti-peep function for the password.
7. Registration of unlock data to help manage unlocking situations.
8. All the components are famous international brands, quality is stable and reliable.
9. The cabinet had the treatment of waterproof, anti-humidity and anti-rust.
10. The product has exceeded the high / low temperature test, vibration and aging to adapt to all types of environment.

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