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TCP/IP Access Control kit with Power supplyTCP/IP Access Control kit with Power supplyTCP/IP Access Control kit with Power supplyTCP/IP Access Control kit with Power supply

TCP/IP Access Control kit with Power supply

  • Access control kit with 5A power supply
  • Input voltage: AC110 ~ 240V 50Hz ~ 60Hz
  • Output voltage: DC9V ~ 16V
  • Output current: 5A
  • Control door output relay: 1 pc
  • Reader Quantity: 2 pcs
  • Card quantity: 20,000
  • Log file: 100,000 records
  • Reader input format: Wiegand 26
  • Communication: TCP / IP

DH7001 Access Control kit with Power supply 5A is a device that combines the most advanced chip technology and communication mechanics. The user can connect the controller with a reader for input and a button for output; It also allows you to connect a reader for the entrance and a reader for the exit to make a request for access control to the safest door. If necessary, the data stored in the drivers is transferred to the computer and activity reports are printed. Each controller works independently and maintains its own database.



Door control panel

Multiport Control Panel (2)

Multiport Control Panel (4)






Adaptive TCP / IP 10M / 100M

Adaptive TCP / IP 10M / 100M

Adaptive TCP / IP 10M / 100M


Control 1 door, enter and exit the door by sliding the card, to enter by sliding the card and exit the door with the button

Control 2 doors, enter and exit the door by sliding the tab, enter the card by sliding and exit the door with the button

Control 4 doors, enter the door by sliding the card and exit the door with the button

PCB dimensions

160 106mm *

160 106mm *

160 106mm *

Box size

273 * 228 * 65mm

Power supply

12VDC 4-7A

Power consumption circuit

Less than 100 mA

Reader input format

Wiegand 26 (All card readers with compatible protocol. Like Motorola, HID, EM, Mifare one, etc.)


2 pieces

4 pieces

4 pieces

Checked from the door

1 door

2 doors

4 doors

Support offline work, TCP / IP communication; allow direct connection to the computer through the network cable. Support LAN, remote control through PC software.  
Compared to the standard standalone access controller, this device separates the reader and controllerindividual parts to make a greater security request from the client. 
This device is compatible with all RF readers available with any type of standard Wiegand communication format available on the market. 
Incorrect connection of the reader or data cable will not destroy the device or open the door illegally. 
Inhibition of the effect of static electricity and overvoltage by input interference and feedback from electronic locks. 
All-in-one card management system: normal shift and shift management system; fixed rations management system; meeting attendance management system; online patrol management system and security alarm management system.

Access control management software also includes an all-in-one card management system, such as the attendance management system for nominal and multiple shifts; fixed rations restaurant management system; Meeting attendance management system.

Conventional function: offline operation; real-time monitoring; to see photos; massive memory; flexible configuration for home users; remote unlock; multi-user supervision; quick setup, convenient control and inquiries; review and printable report form; OF MEMORY; the report can be exported to an Excel file; card unlock + password; alarm that does not close for a long time; invalid card offset alarm; unlock the first card; illegal attack alarm; release in defined time; e-map, etc.

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