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High quality smart hotel door lock with free software DH8011-6YH

High quality smart hotel door lock with free software DH8011-6YH

  • Model:DH-8011-6YH
  • Working frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz
  • Applicable Card: T5557 Mifare one Em Card
  • Sensing distance: 3-5CM
  • Working voltage: 4 1.5-volt alkaline batteries
  • Alarm voltage: 4.8 volts
  • Static power consumption: <10 microamps
  • Dynamic Power: <200 mAh
  • Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
  • Working humidity: <95 °C

High quality smart hotel door lock with free software DH-8011-6YH

Technical parameters

1. Power supply :6VDC, 4 -cell highperforming alkaline batteries;
2. Battery life :Around 12 monthes;
3. Static power consumpption: Less than12mA;
4. Dynamic power consumpption:180mA;
5. Low voltage indication:When CPU working voltageislower than 4.8V,the red light will show when key card used to unlock,for that time on still can open the door about 200 times ;
6. Emergency unlocking: Not restricted byany control ,even is double, still can open the door;
7. Unlock record :Lock record 420 the latestopen records;
8. Mechanical key unlock :A traditionalstan-alone mechanical emergency unlocking key to ensure that door can still open normally under emergency;
9. Installation requirements:For doorsbetween 38mm-65mm thick.


> RF door card encryption technology, which can accurately identify the specified unlock card;
> Adopt international standard five-lock tongue electronic lock, in line with ANSI standards;
> The lock body conforms to the universal opening standard of China's national security security door;
> Zinc alloy super strong textured material, polished with high quality surface technology;
> Dust-proof, anti-intense full protection design;
> Free handle for safe use;
> European famous designers, streamlined design;
> Suitable for hotels, luxury villas, high-end apartments and high-end office buildings;
> Powered by 4AA batteries that provide up to 1 year normal life time.


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