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  • How to choose the material of the hotel lock when buying?
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How to choose the material of the hotel lock when buying?

How to choose the material of the hotel lock when buying?

People buy hotel locks are always used to look at the appearance, but they rarely care about the type of lock panel material. This aspect is often ignored. In fact, the quality of the material is directly related to the validity period of the hotel door lock. If you notice the difference, you will know the good or bad after a long time. Below, I will explain the characteristics of several commonly used hotel lock panel materials!

Commonly used hotel lock materials include stainless steel, zinc alloy, surface acrylic, aluminum alloy and other materials, of which the former two are mostly!


1. Zinc Alloy Electronic Hotel Locks:

This material are relatively soft compared to stainless steel hotel locks, and it is easy to forge and process. The fancy can be freely designed, and the production difficulty is small, so the high-end, luxurious, and stylish hotel door lock shapes you see are forged with zinc. However, the zinc alloy material is less rust-proof than stainless steel, and it is easy to be damaged by the external sharp shock and external force. Therefore, the hotel lock panel of all zinc alloy materials needs to be surface treated after casting to avoid all the above defect. But in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers lack the latter step, and various hardware problems will surface after long-term use. Therefore, when choose hotel locks, you should find regular manufacturers!


2. Stainless Steel Hotel Door Locks

The stainless steel hotel lock panel can be said to be relatively sturdy, and we should all understand its advantages. The anti-corrosion performance is affirmative, and the advantage in resisting violence is obvious. Especially in the current hotel door locks, they focus on anti-prying, drilling, fire, and Saws and other performance aspects are outstanding.

It is these advantages of stainless steel that make it the most challenging product to make. It is not easy to shape appearance. It has little freedom in the design space. Generally, the locks you see in the hotel lock market have a straightforward presentation. There are a few tricks, which is a bit ugly, but it is sturdy. For those who like low-key, you can still consider buying stainless steel.

However, there are many small workshops in the market that often use stainless steel materials in order to win in price competition. Instead of real 304 stainless steel, at this time, if the user blindly pursues a low price without knowing it, then he can only let his luck.


3. Aluminum alloy hotel card lock:

This is not recommended for everyone to buy, because the texture is too soft and the strength is low, and it can basically be said to be stronger than plastic. When I say this, everyone should understand it. We also mentioned the acrylic surface before. In fact, it is just a kind of decoration. The back is also made of metal materials, generally there are many zinc alloy materials. Not the entire hotel lock is made of acrylic material.


The above are the issues that we need to pay attention to when we choose the surface panel material when buying hotel locks. We can choose the right locks according to our needs. Of course, from the hotel lock sales market, stainless steel hotel locks still account for the majority because it is strong. Degree, anti-rust ability can still be trusted, and the shape is beautiful, deeply loved by users.